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Carolina Toscano
Dr. Psych, Psychologist FSP

English- and Portuguese-speaking Psychologist. With experience in practice within the clinical (hospital and private) and social fields, scientific research, training, and university education, I have had the privilege of sharing and growing with the history and developmental path of children, adolescents, and adults.

Being Portuguese-Canadian and having lived in several different countries, I moved to Switzerland with the mission of promoting the well-being of the expat community, sensitive to the challenges and difficulties of adjusting to a new country.

I passionately dedicate myself to promoting the well-being of others and guiding them through their path of self-knowledge, growth, and change, based on establishing a secure therapeutic relationship that represents a space of comfort, trust, and empathy for the other.


I invest in my constant training and scientific update to guarantee an effective, evidence-based intervention that is adequate to the specifics of each case. I am also committed to my personal development, as I believe that only that way I can successfully guide others in their development.

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Advanced Specialization in Psychotherapy

Portuguese Constructivist Psychotherapies Society - ongoing

PhD in Applied Psychology

University of Minho - Portugal & University of Leiden - Netherlands, 2021 ​​

Integrated Master in Psychology

University of Minho - Portugal, 2015

Specialization in Cognitive Behavioral TherapyCRIAP Institute - Portugal


Federation of Swiss Psychologists - FSP

Association for Psychologists in Central Switzerland - VIPP

Order of Portuguese Psychologists - OPP (professional card nº 23380)

European Federation of Associations of Psychologists - EFPA​​

European Network on Peripartum Depression Riseup-PPD Cost Action 

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Articles in Scientific Journals

Toscano, C., Lopes, P., Ramos, C., & Baptista, J. (2022). Emotional and Behavioral Health among Portuguese Toddlers during the COVID-19 Crisis: The Impact of Social Isolation and Caregiving Distress. Child Indicators Research.

Toscano, C., S, C., Baptista, J., Moutinho, V., & Soares, I. (2022). Controlling parenting and executive functioning in children born preterm. Psicologia, 36(2), 66-73.

Toscano, C., Soares, I., Baptista, J., Moutinho, V., & Mesman, J. (202). The quality of interactive behaviors in the context of prematurity: Fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 43(4), e218-e226.

Toscano, C., Soares, I., Baptista, J., Moutinho, V., Rippe, RCA, & Mesman, J. (2021). Maternal and paternal overprotection of children born preterm: Relations to child and parental factors.  Journal of Family Psychology, 36(2), 312-317.

Toscano, C., Soares, I., & Mesman, J. (2020). Controlling parenting behaviors in parents of children born preterm: A meta-analysis. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, 41 (3), 230-241.

Toscano, C., Baptista, J., Mesquita, A., George, C., & Soares, I. (2018). Caregiving Helplessness Questionnaire (CHQ) applied to Portuguese mothers of preschool-aged children: A psychometric study. Psychological Analysis, 4 (XXXVI), 501-514.

Baião, R., Baptista, J., Pinto, R., Toscano, C. , Fearon, P., Soares, I., & Mesquita, AR (2018). Assessing pre-schoolers interactive behavior: A validation study of the “Coding System For Mother-Child Interaction”. Care, Health and Development, 44 (4), 644-650.

Presentations at International Conferences


6th International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence (Lisbon, Portugal; 2022) – oral presentation: “The impact of COVID-19 on the socioemotional functioning of Portuguese toddlers”.

Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennal Meeting (online; 2021) – poster presentation: “Overprotection and executive functioning in children born preterm”.

5th International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence (online; 2021) – oral presentations: “Executive function in preterm children” and “Prematurity and symbolic play: The contribution of maternal speech”.

Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference (Dublin, Ireland; 2020) – poster presentation: “Prematurity and the quality of child interactive behavior”.

5th International Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology on Children and Adolescents (Oviedo, Spain; 2019) – oral presentation: “Predicting maternal perception of child vulnerability in a preterm sample: Medical risk or maternal distress?”.

16th World Association for Infant Mental Health (WHAIM) World Congress (Rome, Italy; 2018) – poster presentation: “Maternal perceptions of child vulnerability in a preterm sample: Relations to child and family factors”.

8th International Attachment Conference (London, UK; 2017) – oral presentation: “Negative affect in the mother-child relationship in preterm Infants: Predictors and later correlates”.

8th International Attachment Conference (London, UK; 2017) – poster presentation: “The relation between caregiving disorganization and child interactive behavior: The mediating role of maternal sensitive responsiveness” – awarded best poster prize.

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